SK-4053 RP

SK-4053 RP

SK-4053 RP – Rust Preventive

The SK-4053 RP offers our most advanced rust protection available in a thin film product that is free of barium and heavy metals. It can provides over 80 hours of rust protection as measured by the ASTM B117 salt spray test. It also offers excellent water seperation and water displacement properties, ensuring film consistency in dip tank and spray applications. SK-4053 RP is non staining, so treated metals can be stacked or coiled without blemish. Its exceptional salt spray performance makes it ideal for treating metals that are to be shipped overseas.

Features :
  • Exceptional Salt Spray/humidity protection.
  • Non-staining-safe for use on coiled or stacked metals.
  • Outstanding water displacing/metal wetting properties.
  • Superior water seperating properties.
  • Non-corrosive to a variety of non ferrous metals, Including copper, aluminium,zinc,magnesium,brass and Cadmium.
  • Free Barium and other heavy metals.
Benefits :
  • Added assurance that parts wont rust.
  • Improved Protection through reduction In water contamination.
  • Expanded applications versatility.
  • Responsive to market demands for Safer heavy metal-free technologies.
ASTM B117 Salt Spray Performance Highlights

SK-4053 RP is capable of exceeding 80 hours Protection in salt spray environments.

In the same ASTM B117 salt spray test, other available rust preventives products.

Water Seperation

  • Filim Thickness Mils: 0.09 – Microns 2.25
  • Salt Spray-Matte Finish Steel Panel – >80>90 – Hrs
  • Water Seperation – Minutes – 3.30
  • Humidity Cabinet –Days to failure – 60+
  • Acid Atmosphere Protection – >80>90 – Hrs