SK-4053 RB

SK-4053 RB

SK-4053™ RB is a revolutionary new rust prohibiting technology for the 21st Century. SK-4053™ RB is a true water based rust inhibitor designed for extended protection indoors. Since it is water based, the rust prohibitive coating is easy to apply and easy to remove. Simply dip or spray metal with SK-4053™ RB and the protective layer will be applied. For removal, a quick rinse with tap water will remove the coating.

provides one of the lowest total costs of usage. Unlike petroleum based products, which are tied to the cost of crude oil and require additional chemical cleaners or solvents for removal, SK-4053™ RB has no additional material or labor costs. SK-4053™ RB provides excellent protection and is easily removed with tap water. No protective clothing or special handling is required. SK-4053™ RB is safe, economical, and easy to use.

SK-4053™ RB is ideal for supporting production line, maintenance, storage, or shipping applications. A quick dip or spray will provide protection in a fast, easy to use manner. SK-4053™ RB is non-hazardous, non-flammable, and it is safe to use on all types of metals SK-4053™ RB is a biodegradable, environmentally friendly product. Most users simply flush the used solution down the local sewer system during the rinsing [removal] process. Rust Block works so well that petroleum based products for indoor storage are quickly becoming outdated.

SK-4053™ RB is specifically designed for indoor storage applications. Since it dilutes quickly with water, care should be taken to ensure that water does not come into direct contact with the treated parts. Direct exposure to liquids will remove the protective coating. Therefore, it is not recommended to use on parts that are kept outdoors, where they would be exposed to rain, heavy dew and other wet conditions.

SK-4053™ RB is a specially formulated, water based rust inhibitor designed for quick application, long-term protection, and easy removal. Once an object comes into contact with SK-4053™ RB, the solution will disperse around the object and provide full coverage. As the water content of SK-4053™ RB evaporates, it leaves behind a thin non-tacky film that inhibits rust for up to 3 months (depending on the environmental conditions).

Rust Block™ can be applied in any of the following ways :

  • dipping
  • spraying
  • brushing
  • wiping (with a soaked cloth)

The SK-4053™ RB application process only requires a quick dipping to provide the protective coating. Dipping and spraying are the most common methods for applying the SK-4053™ RB – For dipping, simply run the metal objects through a bath or place the objects in a basket for dipping. Once the metal object has been completely covered with SK-4053™ RB, the protection will be immediately applied (prolonged exposure is not required). For spraying, the solution can be re-circulated until it is completely depleted. As with other rust inhibitors, the parts should be clean, dry, and rust free prior to treatment with SK-4053™ RB.

SK-4053™ RB is as easy to remove as it is to apply. Simply rinse quickly (10 seconds) with tap water to remove the protective coating and let the parts dry. No chemical cleaners or solvents are needed for removal. The solution is non-toxic and safe for disposal in local sewer systems. This product contains only biodegradable surfactants. Local requirements should always be consulted before disposing in local sewer systems.

SK-4053™ RB is designed for interior usage (e. g. treated parts must be kept indoors). The coating is easily washed off with water. Exposure to weather conditions, such as rain, will remove the protective coating. Therefore, care should be taken to ensure that no water comes into direct contact with the treated metals.