Automotive Component Cleaning

Automotive Component Cleaning

An effective cleaning agent for Moulds

SK-4053™ CA is a concentrated, industrial-strength liquid used in cleaning and degreasing applications. It is an optimized water-based blend and specifically designed to replace a wide variety of other cleaners. SK-4053™ offers more than just cleaning and degreasing results. The product is biodegradable, nonhazardous, non-corrosive and non-flammable, and eliminates the need for chemicals that are otherwise harsh to the environment and the user.

Unlike many other cleaners, especially those that are solvent-based, SK-4053™ CA will remain effective upon dilution and can often be diluted far beyond other cleaners. It also out-performs other chemicals that require higher operating temperatures, resulting in lower operating costs. Due to the efficient cleaning effect on organic soils such as grease and oil, it can often replace many solvent cleaners and degreasers.

SK-4053™ contains highly effective wetting agents, has excellent particulate soil dispersion, and leaves a dry, bright, film-free surface after cleaning.

Below picture shows cleaning effect undertaken by RK Transonic with SK-4053™

Relaxo Mold Cleaning Result

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Applications :

SK 4053™ CA can be used through, spray,Ultrasonic Cleaning equipment or any other automatic
cleaning machines. SK 4053™ CA suggested use concentrations is 5% to Max 35%.



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